Report a Disclosure

1. What kind of case do you want to report?*

2. What happened?*

3. If possible, please indicate the value and/or the amount of goods or property involved in the case.*

4. When and where did the case occur?

5. When did the case begin?

6. How did you know about the case?

7. Was the information obtained directly (from victims/suspects) or indirectly (from witnesses/other people)?

8. Which department is to be reported?

9. Who are the people involved?

10. Any supervisor or management involved?

11. Have you ever informed your supervisor, manager, or anyone else about the case?

12. Other than you, who is aware about the case?

13. Are there witnesses in the case?

14. Is there anyone attempting to conceal the case and how?

15. Do you have anything to add related to the case?

16. Would you like to upload some files?*

Maximum upload file size: 100 MB

17. How would you like to be in the report?*

18. Disclosure Follow Up Password

This password will be used together with the Disclosure ID provided later to login to follow up on disclosure report.