Reporting Mechanism

  1. Click the “Report” menu to report complaints. Make sure you read the type of complaint before you submit a complaint. This complaint can be anonymous so you do not need to fill in your data.
  2. Then, proceed with filling in the FORM which consists of your name, e-mail address and telephone or mobile number. The data will ease us to follow up your violation report, but if you feel that the data does not need to be submitted, you may leave the data blank.
  3. Some information are required to be filled, which are Relationship with the Institution and the contents of the Report by providing a description of the violation (Explaining the who, doing what, when, where, why and how), and completing the initial evidence in the form of data, photos, recordings, or other documents that can be attached.
  4. After you submit your report and make an account, you will immediately get a User ID and password which can later be used as a reference for further communication with our WBS officer via the communication box.