Protection and Confidentiality

This system guarantees your anonymity.

Submitting the whistleblower’s identity is optional and not mandatory, it is solely for communication purposes when deepening the report (if necessary).
All personal identities and report are protected by the Data Encryption Mechanism.

The company is committed to protect whistleblowers with a good intention.

The purpose of whistleblower protection is to encourage reporting of violations and guarantee the safety of life and property for the reporter and his/her family.

Should the whistleblower experience retaliation in the form of pressure or threat or other form of retaliation, he/she can report about the matter to the channel determined by the Company. In case the matter cannot be solved internally by the Company, the whistleblower is guaranteed the rights to report the matter to an independent institution outside the Company, such as Mediator, Police or Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) at the Company’s expense.