Questions and Answers

What is WBS GMF?

A system for delivering, managing, and following up on a report of alleged violations committed by internal GMF, namely Members of the Board of Commissioners, Employees, Manpower through Agreements on Specific Time Work at GMF.

What kind of violation should I report through the WBS channel?

Violations reported through the WBS are actions that are not in accordance with the laws and regulations or GMF internal regulations carried out by Internal GMF, for example corruption, collusion, nepotism, and fraud / fraud including fraud, asset embezzlement, breach of information, theft, omission of conflict of interest violations.

Why should I report violations that occur?

Because violation is an act that is not in accordance with the laws, rules, and the values that apply in the GMF so it must be reported in order to establish GMF with integrity.

Who can submit a report through the GMF WBS?

WBS can be used by anyone, both internal and external of GMF who has information about alleged violations committed by internal GMF.

How can I convey information about suspected violations to GMF?

GMF provides several reporting channels that can be used by Whistleblowers to convey information on alleged violations that have occurred at GMF, namely through:

  1. Website:
  2. Email:

Can I submit information about suspected violations without informing my identity?

The identity of the reporter is optional (the reporter can submit or not convey his identity). The identity of the reporter is guaranteed confidentiality and is used only for the purposes of deepening the report by the SPP / WBS Management Consultant.

What information should I submit in the report?

In submitting a report, the reporter is expected to provide clear information about the details of the violations, namely:

  1. Identity of the suspect
  2. Time and place of violation
  3. Chronology of violations
  4. Other parties or witnesses that knowing the reported violations
  5. Supporting evidence for the reported violations.

Who received my report?

The recipient of the report via web and e-mail is the GMF WBS Management Consultant, who will verify and analyze the report.

What should I do after reporting a violation?

The reporter is expected to actively monitor the follow-up status of the report by accessing the GMF WBS website using the given User ID and password, or monitoring the email if the reporter includes an email on the report. Furthermore, the reporter is expected to complete additional data / information requested by the Management Consultant.

Is there a time limit given to me in submitting and / or responding to requests for information and / or additional evidence from GMF?

There is a time limit given in submitting and or responding to requests for information and / or additional evidence from GMF, which is 5 (five) working days.

Does the GMF provide protection to the reporter?

GMF is committed to providing guarantees for the whistleblowers who have good intentions and are not involved in Violations. The Whistleblower protection is intended to guarantee the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity and protection from actions that could harm the whistleblower such as threats, intimidation or unpleasant actions from any party. Especially for GMF internal whistleblowers, GMF guarantees protection for their work at GMF.

How do you retain my personal data?

Your data will be deleted in the following cases:
  • Upon request from Canary’s client
  • At the end of the contract between Canary operator and our client
  • Upon request of whistleblower in case whistleblower has provided his/her personal data